Lucy White is an artist living and working in Tampa Bay. She works primarily in paint, exploring color, texture, depth, and movement through her expressionistic and botanical pieces.

Influenced by her southern roots and her art enthusiast grandmother, Lucy has pursued art throughout her life, minoring in fine art at Birmingham-Southern College.

She paints in her studio near downtown and University of Tampa. Her work is displayed in private collections nationally, from Washington D.C. to California.

With the majority of her painting experience in traditional watercolor and acrylic paints, Lucy relishes the opportunity to explore oil, pastes, glazes, varnishes and resin in her pieces. Each layer gets thoughtful consideration as to what it may evoke, and through those layers, the piece evolves.

Large-scale canvases and a wide variety of mediums are her happy place.

Lucy, her husband and their three young children enjoy travel and creating wonderful art together.

Lucy's work has been shown in shows such as Opus in Tampa and is available at Lulu Studio, Tampa Bay Interiors, or by commission.

Wellon is a self-taught artist who stumbled upon the creative world of painting. With a background in English and French (Auburn and Wake Forest Universities), she taught for several years in the high school and university setting and developed service learning programs in the nonprofit setting. Wellon + Stephen have four (playful, creative, determined and spunky) children: Fitz, Chloe, Daniel and Leila. The Bridgers reside in Birmingham, Alabama.
Meg Britten is a mixed media artist whose colorful and illustrative style is both charming and unique. From keepsake artwork such as silhouettes and heirloom clothing to mixed media abstracts, still life pieces and citrus collages; Meg has a beautiful way of capturing a wide range of subjects. She has been painting/creating/cutting/ assembling for as long as she can remember. Art has always been at the forefront of her life whether as a teacher in a kindergarten classroom or developing marketing materials and campaigns for local businesses.

She was recently selected as one of Anne Irwin Fine Art's 2019 Emerging Artists and participated in a collaboration show this past May with Lulu Studio founder Lucy White.

Britten lives in Tampa with her husband and three darling children. She is grateful for a flexible career that enables her to share her love of art and creating with her family and community.
To M. Jane Johnson painting is like breathing, it is so apart of her life, intricately woven into her like her paintings are an intricate weaving of color, pattern, and texture. She has painted since she was seven, receiving her BFA in Fine Arts with a focus in drawing and painting. She studied art in Italy and also took many classes at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA. After painting representational oils for many years, she fell in love with mixed media and never looked back. Her paintings are made from layers and layers of paint, collage, drawing, and stencils that she combines to make her bold, textural pieces. When she is tired of a painting she paints over piece to create a new one that shows bits and pieces that she lets show through from underneath.
Johnson's work is in international, corporate, and private collections. Twelve of her paintings are in the Heart Clinic at Children's National Medical Center. She has had successful solo shows at the Torpedo Factory, Arts Club of Washington, and Artist & Makers.
Blayne Beacham Macauley is an abstract artist and photographer whose works have garnered international acclaim, and have been featured in galleries, exhibitions, show houses, and in print and television media. Since 2007 Blayne has participated in more than twenty-two gallery and museum shows; multiple juried exhibitions; and five renowned show houses. Blayne's work has been featured in Traditional Home, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Southern Living, Domino, and on HGTV. She studied studio art and photography at Boston University, and oil painting in Venice, Italy. She is a native of Atlanta, GA where she resides with her family.
For as long as Patricia has been able to draw, creativity has manifested itself in the form of novel ideas and has been expressed in various forms and techniques. Although, Patricia did not initially pursue her dream to become a fine artist in the beginning of her professional life, her true passion for art and design led her hobby to blossom into her profession. She is inspired by nature, textures and trendy designs and specializes in acrylics, gesso, oil pastels on canvas. She has been able to create a wide variety of art ranging from realistic landscapes to abstract paintings, botanical compositions to modern commercial art. Patricia has the unique ability to adapt her different styles to meet and compliment any decorator or designers project. This ability has allowed her to collaborate with numerous well-known interior designers. Resulting from her ceaseless pursuit of perfection, Patricia has proudly earned recognition by being featured as Artist of Social Media 2019 at Thirty 5 Eleven Magazine and through her determination and boundless tenacity, she has been able to seamlessly apply her talents to produce custom commissions for her clientele and interior designers.
Stacy's art involves rigorous processes and disciplines with paints and chemicals to achieve maximum beauty with esthetic impact. Her work incorporates muddled nuances of textures, multiple layers of colors and ripples in silver. Colors and sizes are custom and can be taken from any paint deck. Prices available upon request. Stacy is married to Nat Milburn and has five children- Claire and Jack Joyce and Jessica, Danielle and Alex.

Carrie started painting in 2014 to bring beauty and a real element to her own life and space. Carrie "loves the fact that art has no rights or wrongs, do's or dont's." Carrie believes, "there is no end, no limits to what I can do and create. I am only limited by my own mind and imagination. There's so much power and confidence in that! I work with oil, acrylic, water color and paper mache. The biggest compliment I've ever been given is that people can feel I put my heart into my pieces."
Lacey resides in Birmingham, AL where she is both a full time mother and an artist. Art has been a passion of hers since she was a child, but she never dreamed it would turn into a career. Mostly known for her feathers, Lacey connects with this symbol as an expression of her trust in God's protection and faithfulness taken from Psalm 91. She loves how the Lord continually speaks through her artwork to others. Inspired by creation, her faith, people, and relationships her work is an abstract expression of where she is in life and her growth as a person. Her garage studio has become her "sanctuary" as she finds time to create between carpool, ball games, and ballet. From commissions to art prints, Lacey enjoys being a part of people's homes and the memories made therein.

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