Lulu Art Gallery and Studio Tampa

Lulu Day-2-4.jpg

Welcome to Lulu Studio! After months of sweat, tears and excitement ā€“ Iā€™m delighted to bring you Lulu Studio - a place to create and gather. As an artist who was working out of my home with three small kiddos, I quickly realized I needed a place to get away from the day to day and focus on my painting. It would also get my painting supplies out of the house and away from curious toddlers!

But as I started exploring, the idea evolved ā€“ to not only have a studio where I could paint ā€“ but also a place where I could exhibit items from other artists or small business owners who inspire me, and could also serve as an event space on evenings and weekends! When this space in North Hyde Park opened up, I knew it was the place.

I hope you enjoy, and come back frequently!

Lucy White