Lulu Art Gallery and Studio Tampa

Welcome to the Lulu Studio blog!

Lucy White

Welcome to the Lulu Studio blog! This is a place where I’ll write about my art, the studio, what’s inspiring me and sometimes just about the wonder of it all - momhood, wifehood, friendhood, nothing is off limits!  


As long as I can remember, art has been a part of my life.  My Grammy, during our afternoons and weekends spent together at her home, dug into art together with an enthusiasm that far exceeded the alligator hunts and horseback riding preferred by my sister and cousins.  This shared hobby of ours turned into art lessons, art classes, and an art minor in college, and then nothing.  Life as a young adult began on Capitol Hill in DC, and all thoughts of art and painting were shoved into the basement laundry room of my shared row house, along with my old ice-skates and other childhood tokens.

Fast forward to 2014, before the birth of my third child - painting came back into my life through a request from my sister and encouragement from a dear childhood friend.  That one painting ignited that passion once again, and a thriving painting career followed - so much that I outgrew my little home studio. As my husband and I began to discuss studio space, I knew one thing - I wanted any space that I invested in to be something special, something bigger than just a space to paint.  Lulu Studios was born out of a soul searching of what I truly wanted to provide to the universe, and more importantly to our community.  

And if this isn't enough, as a bonus, I get to explore my lifelong desire to dabble in retail in a way that encourages and promotes other small businesses!  Pinch me please!